My Experience


For the past 15+ years I’ve worked as a web developer and PHP programmer developing web applications to solve various clients and employer’s needs. In those years I’ve been mostly a one-man operation to develop and sometimes learn new languages and programs to solve those needs. The ability to listen and understand what the client wants to accomplish and then produce that product for them is a challenging and rewarding experience that I enjoy. Working with the client to understand their workflow process, then implementing a web application that will improve the efficacy and accuracy of their work is what I strive to create.


ITZ Digital / 1013 Communications

Web Programmer, “Head Geek”
January 2014 to January 2016
Chandler, AZ

My main duties are the maintenance and development of my custom built online workflow management tool that is used by ITZ Digital and its parent company 1013 Communications. This workflow program is constantly being updated to suit the needs of the ever changing market.  My other duties, but not limited to, are maintaining the remote dedicated web servers, creation of new hosting accounts, client account maintenance and renewing and maintenance of client domains and DNS records.  Duties also include implementing new web technologies, creating web proposals, local network maintenance, and being the general go-to guy for all things being internet.

Arizona Interactive Media Group

Programmer/Web Development Specialist
June 2008 to December 2013
Chandler, AZ

In January Arizona Interactive Media Group (AZIMG) changed to ITZ Digital, the duties I have for ITZ are the same that I had for AZIMG.  During this period for AZIMG I was also the supervisor for the interactive services for AZIMG.  I was brought on to lead the web development department for AZIMG and to convert their paper ticket system into a paperless workflow system that will track all production and billing though this system.  In addition I also created and helped in the design of the One Point Program system that is used to create and manage the YMCA program guides.

MediaTech Productions

Web Programmer
July 2005 to May 2008
Fort Collins, CO

For the last part of the two years at MediaTech I was the entire web department for this small multi-media company.  My duties were to bid and price out all web related work, create and manage the multiple web hosted clients and to handle all customer update and phone calls.


CMS Systems, CSS, DNS Management, Graphic Design, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, LAMP Environment, Layout Interfaces, MySQL Database, PHP Programming, Server Management, SQL, SSH, Web Development, XML