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That is just it, it is YOUR vision and eCOG Media wants to make that a reality.  No one knows your business better than you and we specialize in bringing that vision and presenting it to the world. Your website is your 24/7 store front and needs to tell your customers what you are and what you can do for them. We specialize in the keys to your online marketing from websites to SEO and email marketing.  We help to deliver and display your vision and message to your customers.

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With years of experience from business from all types of industries we will listen to you and create you the best website to show your vision.  Contact us today and let’s bring your vision to reality.

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Website Design

Your design should be about your message. You only have a few seconds to tell a customer what you are about so let’s make it a good one.

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Like the old saying “work smarter, not harder” and so should your website.  Your website is your full time selling person; let it work for you and not you for it.

SEO & Local Profile

Nothing is worse than have a great site and brand and no one finding you.  We can help you with getting found online, with email marking and advertising.  Get your message out there and get found.

What is eCOG?

eCOG stands for Electric Cog and electric means “Exciting; thrilling” and cog means “A person who plays a part in an organization” so Electric Cog represents “A thrilling person who plays a part in an exciting organization”.

Websites & Current Projects

SoWa Vintage Market Website

SoWa Vintage Market

SoWa Vintage Market was a new site build from an existing Drupal in partnership with ITZ on Target. The new site was built in WordPress frame work using the Divi theme. SoWa will be launching another website for their eCommerce that will be…


The website getyourcoup-on.com is a coupon site from inside coup that is a print magazine that wanted a site for their clients to give them additional value to their print coupons by having them online. This new website build is done in WordPress…
Event of Champions Website

Event of Champions

Event of Champions is the sister site for Camilita Nuttall; this website was originally designed and built by another company and eCOG Media LLC has taken on this website to provide site updates and maintenance. In addition, we will be providing…
Camilita Nuttall Website

Camilita Nuttall

Camilita Nuttall website build was while I was working as an independent contractor with Commit Agency, the design was created by Commit and I was hired to build out the website layout and functions using WordPress. The website build has several…
Brow Artistry Co Website

Brow Artistry Co

Brow Artistry Co is a new website design and build; they are a startup company that didn’t have an existing website. They provide microblading services in Scottsdale, Arizona and contacted eCOG Media to build them a website for their business…
Main Street Vault Restaurant

Main Street Vault Restaurant

Main Street Vault Restaurant was a complete redesign and build. Their existing website was a static HTML coded format that wasn’t responsive to various screen sizes. Under their direction and supervision with the layout and design we were…
Military Assistance Mission

Military Assistance Mission

Military Assistance Mission contacted eCOG Media about an issue they were having with their current host WP Engine and that their site was too large for their account and needed to find out what the issue was. They were not happy with their…
CFL Trust RV Liquidation

CFL Trust RV Liquidation

CFL Trust RV Liquidation has been in business since 1997 but are new to the internet side of things and needed a simple startup website to advertise their RV liquidations. Coupled with their Facebook page to help sell RVs in the Phoenix metro…
Bio Janitorial Service INC

Bio Janitorial Service INC

Bio Janitorial contacted us needing an emergency website transfer to a new hosting company.  Their previous host gave notice to find a new hosting company in the next few days or their website would go dark.  eCOG Media assisted them in finding…

Partner Projects

We were in full crisis mode. Our hosting site was ready to shut us down and not being IT folks, we had no idea why. Casey took over and within a few hours had the issues fixed. As a nonprofit, we have to be so thrifty with donor funds.…
Google Review
I've worked with Casey with my Weekly Newspaper (Weekly Alibi) in ABQ, New Mexico back in the day before he started his own firm. It was a great relationship, and that's why when he peeled off to start his own company, it was a no brainer…
Yelp Review
Great service over at eCog. Whenever I have questions or issues, they get addressed immediately. I've been pleased with the over quality of design and value. Great job, Casey.
Google Review
Casey is a real-life superhero, and eCOG Media can tackle any project - more than that, he's pleasant to work with and values doing things the right way, as well as keeping clients in the loop on why things are the way they are.
Google Review
eCOG Media's programming and design skills are truly unsurpassed. The level of detail and dedication that Casey puts into his work is beyond what anyone else can produce in the market, and he takes the time to do every project right. If…
Yelp Review
Thank you Casey for such a beautiful website! I am so happy to refer eCOG Media.
Yelp Review
 Casey saved me when the company handling our website went under. He recovered all our information, set up our website with the same formula used previously plus some and made the transition without any of our clients or readers noticing…
Etsy Review
I received the completed high resolution invitation the same day that I purchased it!! Can't beat that!! I have had so many compliments on the invitation!! Will for sure be purchasing again!!
Yelp Review
eCOG developed a custom database to support our annual YMCA Corporate Cup that impacts over 3500 people in our community and over 30 companies.  They are easy to work with and very responsive to our questions and concerns.  I strongly…
Yelp Review
 Casey is the BEST programmer and designer I have ever worked with. I send multiple clients his way and the level of professionalism and service that he delivers is unmatched by other companies. Not only is he knowledgeable and efficient,…
LinkedIn Review
 Casey is a class act – always. His programming skills are unquestionable. But sometimes programmers who are good with “code” are not always good with people! As a co-worker, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Casey in…
LinkedIn Review
 Casey was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Arizona Local Media. Casey did not let us down a single time. Casey is a responsible developer and precise co-worker. His technical wisdom and loyalty makes Casey to…
LinkedIn Review
 Efficient, Well-Versed, Thorough, and Likable. Casey has a great deal of knowledge and skills to bring to every project he is related to. If you have a question and he doesn’t have the answer, Casey will find the answer. I can’t speak…