Welcome to my site and let me introduce myself, my name is Casey Landreth and I’m a web developer and graphic designer. I graduated from the University of Advancing Computer Technology (UAT) in Tempe Arizona with a Bachelors of Arts specializing in computer graphics and web design. I have been working professionally as a web designer/programmer for the past 10+ years creating and designing a large array of customized sites and programs to suit the client’s needs.

So a little history about myself, I was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska and moved down to Phoenix when I was around 14 years old. I’ve always had a passion for art and design, and as a kid I was always drawing and creating my next masterpiece to hang up on the fridge. When I entered high school I really started to push my skills as far as I could go and took advanced level art classes and submitted my work to various colleges. Shortly after High School however, I decided to follow in my family’s history, and joined the Navy to serve my country proudly.

After the Navy I came back to Arizona to continue my passion for the arts and I started my studies in computer graphic design at UAT to specialize in 3D animation. During my studies I started to branch out and found my new passion in web design. My main focus was on the user interface (UI) of the site but as time went on I wanted to build the cool tools to make the UI do what I had envisioned. This led me to learn how to shift my studies to back-end programming, which seemed like a natural flow for me. The process of building a user friendly and intuitive UI with the power and process of a well built back-end system was something that is both enjoyable and challenging.

So this has led to me where I am today, a PHP web programmer that has not only the back-end skills to build the unique tools that the client needs but also with an eye for design and the understanding of a functional and pleasing interface for the user. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.


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