Online Marketing

Online marketing is the key to bringing customers to your site. What point is having a great designed and functioning site if no one sees it? Let me help and my team at ITZonTarget get those eyeballs on your site and bring in that business.

Target Your Audience


Target your audience by the keywords they’re searching.

Intent data, such as keyword search terms, are the most effective targeting data available because the consumer is expressing their interests. When a prospective customer enters keywords into a browser, our technology recognizes when the information is relevant to your business, then presents your ads to them on sites they visit across the web.


Show customers ads that are relevant to their interests.

Reserve your impressions for your best prospects. Our software tool captures their interests based on the content they’re browsing or have checked out in the past, then shows your ads to those whose expressed interests area match for your business. You designate the categories that fit your business, and your ad appears in front of prospective customers as they browse the internet.


Reach an audience that’s receptive, not random.

Connect efficiently and accurately with the consumers most likely to buy by selecting from more than 500 audiences defined by intent and interest data. When a consumer shows that their interests are relevant to your business, your message finds them on websites and social media sites, accessed by desktop or laptop, phone or tablet. Analytics reports delivered to you during a campaign help you refine your custom audience.


Target your audience by where they live, work or play.

Every business knows that location matters. Now you can zero in on an audience by geography. Define the area or region best positioned to feed your business, and the consumers within that area then see your advertisements as they browse major sites across the web. Specify a city, a metro area, a state, or one or more ZIP code. Monitor your campaigns with our analytics reports.


Target by location with pinpoint precision.

Geofencing enables you to reach people on their phones and pads in a specifically defined location, such as a building, an event venue, a city block or a commuter route. You specify the boundaries and the time period for targeting, and anyone who visits or even commutes through the geofenced location during that time sees your advertisements then and for the next month.

Retarget Marketing


Retargeting starts with a motivated audience, and that makes this one of the most effective tools in the digital marketing toolkit. Businesses that don’t retarget find on average 8% of visitors come back their site to buy. Those who retarget are rewarded with 26% who return for a purchase.


Most consumers who visit yours or any other website will leave without taking action. Happily, that no longer means this audience is lost to you. Retarget those people who have shown interest in your business then left your site by presenting your message on the websites they subsequently browse. Remind them of your brand, and invite them back!


Clicking on your promotional email is a clear signal a person is interested your offering. That’s what we call a hot lead. We capture those consumers’ identifying data, then present them with your company’s ads as the person browses other major sites.


Follow up on your hot leads — people who have clicked on your email — with a direct-mail postcard. We take care of the design, printing and mailing of your 6”x11” cards. Just one more excellent mechanism to continue the conversation with consumers who’ve expressed interest in your business. And you keep the mailing list of names, emails and postal addresses!

Email Marketing


It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.

Our email campaigns consistently deliver results well beyond the industry standard. You define your ideal target audience, and we create your mailing list, build your creative, then deliver your message directly to your audience’s inboxes. You keep the list of those who click through — names, email and postal addresses!