Current Projects


May 6, 2021

CGTV needed a custom tool to allow their talent to manage and update their profiles including a resume and headshot image. Using a combination of Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity forms with some custom scripting I was able to accomplish this for them. This will allow their talent to update and maintain their profiles and be listed on their upcoming events while reducing the workload of CGTV.

Jan 23, 2019

Redesigned the CGTV website to have an open layout with a fixed background that would work on both desktop and mobile devices. Customized the Enfold template files to create this effect with some CSS and updated various template styles to allow the background to show through.

Apr 19, 2016

CGTV is a WordPress site which I was contracted to build a custom form based on a template that they liked on another site. The site uses Gravity Forms which allows for limited CSS styling and their existing them had limitations in its control. A new custom page template was created to span the width of the page and to turn off the main navigation as the request of the client. The background effect is a combination of CSS and jQuery to create the background rollover effects that pass the image and names to the rollover div.