ITZ Digital Sales Toolkit

ITZ Digital Sales Toolkit was created to fill in the last step of the workflow process, which is the point of sale. This mobile friendly tool was built using PHP and jQuery so that while sitting with the client the sales person would have an a la carte tool to display all the products that the company sells in one easy to use spot. The checklist allows access to all the sales material, rates, and examples that the sales person will need in one place to show the client. These are uploaded and maintained through the admin workflow system. The sales person selects from all available products and services. Then, a customized dynamic rate tool generates the price from their rate card.

The dynamic rate tool is a custom JavaScript function that takes the values set in the MySQL database and generates the cost to the sales person based on their selections. These include pricing such as monthly, annually, one time and CPM charges. The “Presence Checklist” directly connects to the workflow and once the sale is contracted, the order is added to the admin. Once the order is in the admin, the production staff can start work on the client’s order. Modification of the checklist is made through the admin system and can be customized based on the specific sales area or company. With this feature now in place, the workflow admin can now handle the process from the point of sale all the way to production of the final product and billing.