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Military Assistance Mission

Sep 15, 2017

Military Assistance Mission contacted eCOG Media about an issue they were having with their current host WP Engine and that their site was too large for their account and needed to find out what the issue was. They were not happy with their current host and decided to host with eCOG Media and there was a rush since their existing host was going to shut down the site. I transferred their site and configured their DNS for their domain and installing the new SSL for them. After getting their site hosted with us and analyzing the site it appears that their backup plugin that was running was doing full size backup at least 2 times a day and storing them on the server.

I cleaned the site up and removing the multiple backups and optimizing the site to reduce its overall footprint and now is under a more manageable size for a WordPress site. There is still more work to be done but we are happy to have Military Assistance Mission in the eCOG Media family.

Military Assistance Mission

We were in full crisis mode. Our hosting site was ready to shut us down and not being IT folks, we had no idea why. Casey took over and within a few hours had the issues fixed. As a nonprofit, we have to be so thrifty with donor funds. We are very happy with Casey’s expertise, his listening skills and his rates. I would highly recommend him. And to top it off, he’s a veteran. That proves he’s a hero.

Margy Bons

CEO, Military Assistance Mission