One Point Program

One Point Program was created to help the YMCA’s produce their printed and online guides that are used for their many branch locations. Various YMCA’s that used or currently use this tool include Chicago, Indiana, Dallas, Arizona, Denver, Austin, Houston, Kentucky and several more. This tier based system allows the various staff and managers to add their content and manage the layout of their printed guide. When entering content, they have the option of displaying it in the printed guide and/or online. A deadline and staff management tool that has email alerts and internal notifications helps the staff at the YMCA’s to meet their deadlines and produce their guides. Newsletters and Program Guide Schedules could also be produced from this tool.

The online program guides have the ability for online registration or linking to the YMCA’s own online registration process. Once their content has been entered into the One Point Program, the production staff can download an XML file to be imported into InDesign to build the printed guides. Some YMCA’s required custom scripts to accept a CSV data dump from their existing financial software systems, such as Christensen Computer Company (CCC) and Daxko, to be imported into One Point. These programs are used by the branch to prevent staff from having to do double entry.